How Is Oriented Strand Board Made?

What is Oriented Strand Board made from? Both plywood and oriented strand board (osb) are commonly considered to be the same things by officials of the building code. These panels are commonly referred to as wood framing or wood interior structural panels. Both panels are used for the three primary purposes of structural panels made […]

Multiple Simple Corner Joints You Can Do

When you’re doing woodworking one of the things you always want to make sure of is that your corners not only look good, but also hold up to the rigors of time. I found this video of some remarkably easy corner joints that anyone can do. Some involving a table saw, some without, all very […]

Adjustable Fence Set Up

There are many versions of router tables that you can choose to set up for your workshop. You can easily double the router table with these additional features. Smooth edges, long moldings, or small molding will be done easily and safely with these types of router tables. It is at your own need. Everything is […]

Starter Pin on the Router Plate

It’s very simple to route parts for a nice shape by using a router table. All things you require for the good result are a good bit and a proper template. But when you don’t a router fence, the bit attached into the router plate is a trick for the nicer cuts. As the bit […]